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Among the various solutions for agricultural irrigation, motor pumps are one of the most functional: they prime water from a natural source and distribute it on the fields through travelling irrigation sprinkler (reels), drip or pivot systems.

Their operation allows you to intelligently manage an increasingly scarce and precious resource such as water, reducing waste and improving the sustainability of agricultural activity. But that’s not all: the advantages that this technology offers are varied, let’s discover them together.

Greater efficiency: Motor pumps for agricultural irrigation deliver a constant flow of water with a controlled pressure. This allows uniform coverage of the field: the cultivated area is irrigated in a homogeneous way, improving crop yields.

Automation: Thanks to their ability to operate automatically, motorpumps greatly simplify the agricultural irrigation process. Not only do they avoid having to manually carry out arduous work, but they free up precious time that can be invested in other activities.

More Savings: Motor pumps allow precise and targeted management of water, thus optimizing the use of water resources. The quantity of water used in irrigation, in fact, is adequate for needs: it is neither too much nor too little. In this way, waste is reduced, reducing the economic and environmental impact.

Great versatility: Motor pumps for agricultural irrigation are a solution that lends itself to different types of crops and soils: an extremely versatile technology, capable of adapting to the needs of any farm.

Irriland brand Motorpumps

Over the years, Irriland has committed itself to research and development of increasingly advanced solutions, capable of guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency. This is the case of motorpumps, designed to satisfy the specific needs of each customer thanks to an accurate customization service, which allows the characteristics of the machine to be modified according to application needs. Among the different models available, all designed to last over time and guarantee excellent performance, ELEPHUMP is one of the most recent. It is an innovative motor pump, without the curves that characterize any automatic suction complex. With its linear suction tube, it is able to eliminate turbulences in the primed liquid and improve the agricultural irrigation process, significantly reducing the need for technical interventions. Another strong point is its exclusive pump priming system, EVA, which thanks to dry operation allows for the elimination of oil dispersions, avoiding polluting the ground, water and air.

Performance and energy efficiency

The Irriland range of motor pumps is designed to optimize the irrigation process and resource management, combining performance and energy efficiency for more sustainable and resilient agriculture, capable of facing the challenges of the future.