Irriland is a young dynamic company specialised in the design, development, manufacture and assistance of automatic hose reel irrigators, booms, motorpump set and generators.

All members of staff are highly qualified and trained by people of considerable experience having worked with leading companies in the irrigation sector.

Serie di irrigatori in azione in un campo, in primo piano un irrigatore ed un gruppo di persone, sullo sfondo un irrigatore con il suo getto d'acqua
Un paio di uomini stanno regolando il getto di un irrigatore
Esterno dell'azienda con esposizione di irrigatori nel piazzale antistante


Company offices and production facilities occupy an overall area of 5000sq.m. and it is fitted with all the latest equipment necessary for the job.
Specialized staff are employed in the production department that covers an area of approximately 2000sq.m whilst company management, office staff and sales engineers work in 400sq.m of office space

The company’s technical offices use the CAD 3D Solid Edge system to analyze and develop projects for new machinery

Interno dello stand fieristico, con un gruppo di persone all'area welcome
I prodotti Irriland all'interno di uno stand fieristico, un venditore sta spiegando le caratteristiche tecniche ad un potenziale cliente


For over 30 years, Irriland has imposed its name on the domestic and International markets thanks to a wide range of modern and reliable products. Design, collaboration, research into the best solutions for the needs of the clientele and the synergy of a group of highly professional staff are the key to Irriland’s success.

Una visione complessiva dello stand fieristico Irriland