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In the agricultural world, every innovation that allows us to improve crop performance is welcomed with enthusiasm by producers. From this point of view, irrigation booms are a truly functional technology, especially for the most fragile crops.

In these cases, in fact, it is necessary to opt for different solutions compared to traditional agricultural irrigation systems and booms systems are an excellent alternative. Let’s see why.

The main advantages

irrigation booms are particularly suitable for agricultural irrigation of the most delicate crops, due to their particular design and the technology with which they are equipped. These aspects allow these particular irrigation machines to obtain two fundamental advantages.

– Uniform distribution of water, thanks to the lateral wings which also cover large areas of land.
– Lightness of the drop, thanks to the nebulization which allows the water to reach the ground with extreme delicacy.

Irriland irrigation booms

To irrigate even the most fragile crops without risk, Irriland has developed two agricultural irrigation solutions that combine performance, efficiency and delicacy. These the RAPTOR series and the HERON series.

The design of these irrigation machines and the special nozzle atomization system allow even large flow rates of water to be distributed uniformly. Furthermore, if combined with Irriland automatic hose reel, the RAPTOR series and HERON series rain boom guarantee optimal and constant pressure throughout the entire agricultural irrigation activity.

Another strong point of these systems is the ability to work even in adverse weather conditions such as, for example, in the presence of wind. A non-negligible aspect if you want to work effectively, reducing water waste as much as possible. All these features make Irriland rain wings an extremely versatile and functional solution, ideal for various types of soil and crops.

RAPTOR series
The RAPTOR series stands out for its ease of installation and use. The foldable structure in galvanized steel, in fact, facilitates the opening and closing operation which is quicker and can be carried out by a single person.
The bearing system also ensures optimal stability and self-levelling, while each nozzle is equipped with a ball valve for precise control of water distribution.

HERON series
The HERON series offers equally quick and easy installation, thanks to a particularly intuitive connection system for the pipes and support cables.
These irrigation booms are designed to withstand challenging conditions of use, ensuring reliability even in the most extreme situations. Furthermore, thanks to their rather low operating costs, they are an economical and convenient option.

Versatility, sustainability and water saving
When Irriland designed the RAPTOR Series and HERON Series booms, they did so with farmers and their needs in mind. These irrigation machines, in fact, are designed to adapt to any field and cultivation. But not only that, they also care about the environment.

The precision of the nozzles and the ability of the machine to perform even in the presence of wind, in fact, allow you to maximize crop yields while reducing water waste to a minimum. A significant advantage, both in terms of economic savings and impact on the environment.