Electric priming pump for water and not only…


The brand new EVA system, patented by IRRILAND, is an innovative automatic and electric priming system for pumps.

It is the alternative to the classic manual priming pump, by means of which you will no longer have to make any effort to load and fill the suction pipe of pumps, motor pumps, sprinklers and any pump that requires operation already loaded.

Priming a pump consists of filling the suction pipe, so as not to make the pump impeller run idle.

The advantages of operating a pump with already full draft are many, as the impeller seals do not overheat and the impellers themselves do not become deformed due to overheating.

Thanks to this innovative system, the system will no longer need a foot valve, as by pressing the EVA activation button, the draft will be full in a few seconds.

Electric assisted suction system; Eco-friendly, zero pollution. Automatic shutdown with full pump. Operation without oil.

Therefore, the pumped air is not altered, polluted or contaminated.

Entirely made with anti-wear, self-lubricating and antioxidant materials. Without maintenance.

Built-in check valve, so no foot valve or non-return valve is needed. Low energy consumption, 24 Amps at 12 Volts.

EVA: 200 L/MIN – 8 mt suction height difference

EVA MINI: 65 L/MIN – 8 mt suction height difference

Unsurpassed performance, able to vacuum up to 8 mt in altitude

Quick and easy installation, even on field


Electrical system, with protection fuse, suitable for continuous operation


Series of accessories for any type of assembly



EVA: cm. 38×16 h.32 Weight Kg. 21

Packing dimensions: cm. 40×40 h.25 Weight Kg. 23

MiniEVA: cm17x17 h.31 Weight Kg.8

Packing dimensions: cm. 42×32 h.25 Weight Kg. 9


Temp min -20°C max 60°C