The priming pump is a very widespread solution, both in agricultural irrigation and in various other sectors. This is a fluid pump that works by filling with liquid. To activate, the pump sucks air through a special tube and then conveys the liquid inside the machine body.

Carrying out this operation with a manual priming pump can be very laborious and tiring. This is why Irriland has patented EVA: an innovative automatic and electric pump priming system.
The EVA system can be used in agricultural irrigation and in any other activity that requires the use of a pump, as it can be used with any type of liquid.

An alternative to the classic manual priming pump
The patented EVA system is an innovation that replaces the classic manual priming pump. It simplifies loading tasks by making them faster and more efficient.


In fact, by pressing the operation button, EVA fills the suction tube in a very short time, automatically turning off once the job is finished. The operation is quick: for a 6″ suction with a difference in height of 8 meters, just one minute will be enough. This will prevent the impeller from rotating idly and, in doing so, overheating and deforming.

The characteristics of the patented EVA system
EVA is an electric assisted suction system made with anti-wear, antioxidant and self-lubricating materials. It is ecological: both because it has low energy consumption and because it works without the use of oil, therefore it does not pollute or alter the properties of the pumped air. Installation is simple, fast and can also take place on site.

EVA system, available in standard and mini formats, is designed to achieve high-level performance:

EVA standard format sucks up to 200 l/min, with 8 meters of height difference.
EVA mini size sucks up to 65 l/min, with 8 meters of height difference.

The EVA automatic and electric pump priming system is a patented solution: a guarantee of quality by Irriland.