NEWSUn irrigatore semovente costituito da una scatola in metallo con ruote, dotato di pannello fotovoltaico. Location campo da calcio.

Today sustainability is a central theme for every company, even agricultural ones. The environmental impact of the activities makes it necessary to develop more environmentally friendly solutions.

In the case of agricultural irrigation, the use of innovative technologies can help make production greener and more respectful of the planet. This is why Irriland designed the automatic hose reel irrigator of the E-SPORT series: a machine that combines technological research and environmental sustainability.

A self-propelled sprinkler for more sustainable agriculture
The search for an autonomous and eco-sustainable irrigation system has guided Irriland towards the design of one of its most revolutionary irrigation machines. E-SPORT, in fact, is a solar-powered hose reel irrigator.

It is equipped with solar panels that power an electric motor and allow the sprinkler to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Thanks to this solution, the machine can guarantee continuous and autonomous operation even in the absence of pressure.

Features and advantages of the E-SPORT
Thanks to its technology, E-SPORT combines high level performance, efficiency and sustainability. It works with any type of liquid and is not subject to the variables of flow rate and pressure of the water, thus guaranteeing uniform and constant distribution. It is one of the most advanced irrigation reels of the Irriland family.

Here are the main pluses.

– Robust and long-lasting structure thanks to hot-dip galvanization, which makes the machine more resistant to atmospheric agents and wear.
– Safety and maximum control thanks to the automatic brake, the end stop and the pressure gauge that monitors the pressure in real time.
– Zero environmental impact thanks to solar power and the batteries that drive the engine.
– Possibility of customization thanks to the available accessories. The customer can in fact choose to install a wheel on the rudder and an electric closing valve, based on usage needs.


The special pipe on E-SPORT
An innovative solution, patented by Irriland, is installed on the E-SPORT series, which allows for significant energy savings in winding and unwinding the hose, with a consequent reduction in mechanical efforts on the machine.

This is the ribbed PE pipe, a new product on the market. Development started from field experience. Irriland has experienced that a particularly worn (scratched) hose becomes smoother, as the friction coefficient on the field significantly decreases. He thus began to produce a particular line of tubes with a ribbed profile, standard equipment on E-SPORT.

An innovation that attracted the attention of the Irrigation Association. The E-SPORT project with ribbed pipe, in fact, won the New Product Contest 2020 organized by the US association.

A step forward towards more sustainable agriculture
Irriland offers a wide range of irrigation machines. Of all of them, E-SPORT is a true flagship in terms of sustainability and illustrates the commitment of a company that has always innovated to offer solutions that keep up with the times.

Indeed, thanks to its advanced technology, the innovative E-SPORT offers farmers a reliable and efficient option. It meets the water needs of any type of cultivation, while reducing the environmental impact of agricultural irrigation activities. A cutting-edge solution, designed for companies that look to the future and want to do their part to help protect the planet.