Eco-friendly, zero pollution Automated, auto-shutdown at full pump Oil free operation. Therefore, the pumped air is not altered, polluted or contaminated Entirely made of anti-wear, self-lubricating and antioxidant materials Maintenance-free Built-in check valve, therefore, no bottom valve or non-return valve is required Low power consumption, 24 Ampere at 12 Volt Outstanding performance, pumping up to…


Apollo, is a system designed and built by Irriland, for pumping water via electricpump powered exclusively by solar energy. Through one or more modules of solar panels and an advanced conversion and control system of the accumulated energy, we are able to control an electric pump with the aim to satisfy various possible needs, such…


Irriland’s pto generators are equipped with Synchronous alternator three phase with or without brushless type of primary Italian brand , Oil bath Revolution Overdrive, Electric control panel, directly mounted on the alternator, Holding structure with 3 points linkage, hot galvanized


Irriland diesel power packs are available on base frame or on trolley, both completely hot galvanized, equipped with air cooled or water cooled engines with engine protection device. Equipped antivibration pads to improve the efficiency and comfort during the use.Dead Centre industrial clutch suitable for long disengages without repercussions.


Irriland’s motorpump sets are equipped with Air-cooled or water-cooled engine and the engine protection device. With antivibration pads, to improve efficiency and comfort during their use. The Horizontal centrifugal pump is equipped with counterflanges on suction and delivery: coupling between engine and pump is flanged or with industrial cardan shaft.