Irriland irrigation booms allow the most fragile crops to be irrigated without damaging them.
Combination with Irriland automatic hard hose reels provides perfect synchronism that allows rapid pulls and optimal operation at a pressure of 0.1 Mpa (1 Bar).
Irriland irrigation booms allow the distribution of large capacities of water thanks to the special nebulization system of the nozzles, mounted at a distance of 1 m, which allows a uniform distribution of water, even in strong winds, further more it guarantee a use versatility at low operational costs.

RAPTOR series

Main features

  • Quick installation; the open-close operation is facilitated by the particular foldable structure made of by galvanized steel. Very little time is required and installation can be carried out by just one person.
  • OPEN irrigation boom can be loaded on the irrigator, for small movements.
  • CLOSED irrigation boom can be loaded on the irrigator, for transportation.
  • Stability controlled by a special system with bearings that guarantee perfect balance and auto-leveling
  • Each nozzle is mounted on a ball valve for closing as required.
  • In the hydraulic version, possibility to vary the working height from 1 to 3 meters above the ground.

HERON Series

Main features

  • Quick installation facilitated by the special coupling system for pipes and support cables
  • Manual leveling and balancing system.
  • OPEN sprinkler line can be loaded on the irrigator, for small movements.
  • Robust, designed to operate in particularly heavy usage conditions.
  • Particularly low costs make it the most economic sprinkler system.