NEWSImmagine di un campo con erba ed un tubo per irrigazione

The research for an autonomous and eco-sustainable irrigation system not subject to water flow and pressure variables to irrigate and able to work with any type of liquid, even with the presence of solid parts, has led us to design a machine completely activated by an electric motor powered by solar energy. A series of batteries powered by solar panels allow you to operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

To this we have added an innovative product, patented by IRRILAND, which allows significant energy savings in the winding and unwinding of the pipe, with a consequent reduction of mechanical stress on the machine.

The E-SPORT was selected by the IA (Irrigation Association) to participate in the 2020 IA Virtual New Product contest.

By clicking on “2020 IA Virtual new product contest” (below the video) you will be redirected to the link and you can vote for our 100% Green and eco-sustainable product.

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