APOLLO - sistema per elettropompa alimentata a pannelli solari

Apollo, is a system designed and built by Irriland, for pumping water via electricpump powered exclusively by solar energy. Through one or more modules of solar panels and an advanced conversion and control system of the accumulated energy, we are able to control an electric pump with the aim to satisfy various possible needs, such as: lifting water from deep wells, filling storage tanks, farmland irrigation and drinking water supply. For greater reliability, it is possible to connect the Apollo to the electrical network and / or a generator, to obtain a guaranteed service 24h / 24h, even during times of low solar radiation, in the night hours and in case of maintenance. The system is made up of three elements: an electric pump, a control panel to manage and control the pump and the solar energy deriving from one or more modules of solar panels, variable according to the power required by the pump. Apollo stores water not electricity, therefore does not require energy storage systems, making it eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable and economically. Apollo is autonomous and does not require the presence of operators. Apollo uses the sun, free source, ecological and inexhaustible, which ensures operating costs equal to zero.



  • SOLAR MODULE composed by:
    • Series of high efficiency solar panels
    • Steel structure for fixing and support solar panels
    • Power line protection box
    • Cables kit for the connections between solar panels and power line protection box
  • CONTROL PANEL composed by:
    • Painted steel carpentry with protection IP54
    • Inverter with available power from 0,37 to 90 kWe, tri-phase, 380÷480 Vac, 50/60 Hz, complete with pump dry running protection
    • Microprocessor control board type “SPC-16 – SOLAR PUMP CONTROLLER” equipped with:
      • Alphanumeric display for the visualization of: electric pump operating parameters, possible emergency power line supply parameters and auxiliary solar panel parameters
      • Led lamp indicators for status/alarm signals
      • Pump shutdown in case of low sun irradiation
      • Automatic transfer switch on the emergency power line in case of low sun irradiation
      • Enter start/stop signal to the generating set (if provided)
    • “MAN – 0 – AUT” switch, front installed on the panel:
      • “Manual” – electric pump permanent activation command
      • “Automatic” – electric pump activation command only according to a remote signal (pressure switch, floating switch, etc.)
    • Power line terminal board
    • Auxiliary solar panel for the sun irradiation level control
  • EMERGENCY POWER LINE KIT (from electric grid or generating set), installed inside the control panel
  • ELECTRIC PUMP submersible type or surface type, with three-phase electric motor, 400 Vac, 50 Hz, suitable for inverter application.