The solid sets irrigation systems have been used for several years: they are well know systems especially where there’re small areas to be irrigated or where a big area has to be shared by several farmers, each one paying attention to his limited surface.
For many years this system has been used with aluminum or plastic pipes and with sprinklers made by brass. These materials have been too much attractive in the local society so very often some parts have been stolen and the system couldn’t work properly. Now the world is changing fast but there’re always areas where some materials are too much attractive and others are ok because they allow the same performances but they will not be stolen.
That’s why Irriland has developed the solid set systems in a very flexible way: all the main parts can be chosen from a wide range depending on the client requirements. The different ranges include various materials, diameters, connection systems, sprinkler and motor pumps sizes and brands.
These are the most important parts to be chosen for the solid sets:
Diesel motor pumps:
- all the world most common and high quality engines available: FPT Iveco Motors, Lombardni, John Deere, Deutz, Lister Petter, Perkins, JCB
- all the European best pumps brands are available: Rovatti, Caprari, Saer, Vincenzi e Gibertini
- wide range of accessories on suction and delivery as well as on the motor pump itself
Main pipeline:
- galvanized pipe line with quick couplings and “T” or “+” pipes to connect the lateral lines
- aluminum pipe line with quick couplings and “T” or “+” pipes to connect the lateral lines
- polyethylene pipe line with quick couplings and “T” or “+” pipes to connect the lateral lines. This is very particular because we can supply the galvanized couplings already mounted onto the polyethylene pipes that are generally 6 or 9 m long
- available in galvanized steel, aluminum, polyethylene
- the connections to the main line and on the laterals are made by quick couplings
- a wheel gate mounted at the beginning of each lateral is always suggested
- several brands available: Sime, Komet, Idrorossi, Automat Word, Vyrsa
- the sprinklers are available in different material: plastic, brass, metal
- several sizes and types: for normal irrigation or for anti-frost systems, from ½” thread till 2” thread.
Irriland flexibility allows the client to get always the best composition for his own irrigation system!




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